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The HOME page contains the basic information of the Elite Bowlers Tour at a glance.

The ABOUT page contains information regarding the corporate structure of the Elite Bowlers Tour.

The CHAMPIONS page displays the photo and information regarding the current Elite Bowlers Tour champions and includes a historical list of all champions from years past.  The page also displays honor score awards bowled in Elite Bowlers Tour tournaments.

The COACHING page contains articles, videos, and references to help bowlers improve their game and increase their knowledge.

Contact Us
The CONTACT US page displays the Elite Bowlers Tour phone, email, and mailing address.

EBT Staff
The EBT STAFF page displays the photographs and general biography about the Elite Bowlers Tour executive staff members.

The FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page answers the most common questions and concerns addressed to the Elite Bowlers Tour.

Oil Patterns
The OIL PATTERNS page gives comprehensive information regarding the design and instructions on how to play the Elite Bowlers Tour proprietary patterns.  The page includes videos, guides, and current statistics on how bowlers perform on every pattern used by the Elite Bowlers Tour.

The NEWS page provides brief articles of noteworthy happenings in the Elite Bowlers Tour and the bowling industry.

Photo Gallery
The PHOTO GALLERY page contains pictures, slideshows, and videos of Elite Bowlers Tour bowlers.

The PRESS page contains important newsworthy items specifically limited to the Elite Bowlers Tour.

The RANKINGS page contains the power point ranking list for the current season.

Recommended Links
The RECOMMENDED LINKS page highlights and directs viewers to the web pages of companies that directly suport the Elite Bowlers Tour or the sport of bowling in general.

The RECORDS page shows the greatest historical achievements earned by Elite Bowlers Tour bowlers.

Scores & Results
The SCORES & RESULTS page shows the final outcome of the most recent tournament usually updated within 24 hours after the completion of an event.  The page also contains the names of the current champions and the COTY Qualifiers List.

The TOURNAMENTS page contains the flyers, dates, times, and locations of upcoming tournaments.