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Tournament Director

EBT Division Power Rankings

The Elite Bowlers Tour ranks all bowlers in the Elite and Classic divisions based on a predetermined formula starting in the 2013-2014 season. The power rankings are updated after each tournament of the season. The highest ranking power point bowler by division, who has not already earned a free entry, will earn the entry for that division. If there is a tie, the winners will earn discounted entry fees. Bowlers cannot earn power point COTY exemption entries in both divisions and must declare the division they plan to use prior to the COTY. The link below shows the current standings as of the last tournament.

The ranks are calculated as follows: 1 point for every dollar earned in the singles event. In addition, 1st place = 100 points, 2nd place = 75 points, 3rd place = 50 points, 4th place = 25 points, 5th place = 10 points. Points are only earned during the season qualifier events only and does not include the Champion of the Year.  Doubles, Out-of-Cut, Brackets, Side Pots, and any other event that is not the singles division entry are not calculated in the power points.  Power points and power point exemptions are nontransferable.

Elite Bowlers Tour Power Point Rankings thru 03/11/18