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Oil Patterns

Oil has perhaps the greatest influence on scoring in bowling today! Place too much oil on the lanes, and scores drop. Dry up the oil, and scores can go through the roof! As Hal Kee puts it, "Oil is the great equalizer!"  In the EBT, we have been studying oil patterns for some time now and have developed some of our very own patterns specifically designed for league bowlers. 

Pictured below are the 11 Elite Bowlers Tour proprietary patterns divided by "User," "Galaxy," and "Planet" classes.  User class patterns are all somewhat difficult as they are quasi-sport patterns.  Galaxy class patterns are generally easier as they are modified house shots.  Planet class patterns contain both very easy and extremely hard patterns. The lengths of all our patterns range from 36-46 feet. Our 11 EBT patterns are then followed by several Kegel, PBA, WTBA, and other patterns found throughout the bowling world that the EBT uses from time to time. Keep in mind that EBT proprietary patterns and the others listed are all more difficult than a typical house pattern. This is because typical house shots are designed to be extremely easy and send the ball to the pocket regardless of the bowler's true skill or accuracy. Most bowlers even average 30-40 pins higher on them. For this reason, typical house shots serve no real purpose in tournament competition and why they are not used in the Elite Bowlers Tour, Professional Bowlers Tour, State and National Bowling Tournaments, European Bowling Tour, World Tenpin Bowling Association, and others to name a few.

When bowlers look at the overhead graphs, view the videos, or read the playing style of the patterns, they should understand that these are "suggested" starting points; not "required" starting points. Lane surface, lane topography, oil conditioner type, temperature, humidity, and the other bowlers on your lane can vastly affect how an oil pattern plays. Therefore, bowlers must be ready and able to adjust to whatever style the lane dictates. Just because the information sheet recommends playing second arrow with a weak ball does not mean that a strong ball can't be used at first arrow. Every bowler and every bowling center is different! YOU as the bowler are ultimately responsible for YOUR game!

Elite Bowlers Tour Proprietary Oil Patterns

EBT PEGASUS 36' (Load Sheet) 25.30mL


Ratio:  3.96 to 1     Score Potential: Medium     Difficulty: Moderately Hard     Shape: Slightly Asymmetrical

EBT Average: 183.02     Professional Average: 205.15 High Series: 742 Chris Polizzi     High Game: 278  Colin Champion

EBT MERCURY 37' (Load Sheet) 20.35mL


Ratio:  7.08 to 1     Score Potential: Medium     Difficulty: Easy to Moderate     Shape: Symmetrical

EBT Average: 203.11   Prof. Avg: 000.00   High Series: 706 Derek Rosenberry   High Game: 279 Derek Rosenberry

EBT FREELOADER 38' (Load Sheet) 28.50mL


Ratio:  2.17 to 1     Score Potential: Low     Difficulty: Hard     Shape: Symmetrical

EBT Average: 185.45     Professional Average: 203.22     High Series: 731 Kevin Hoeppner     High Game: 279 Chris Polizzi

EBT VENUS 39' (Load Sheet) 24.95mL


Ratio:  4.13 to 1     Score Potential: Medium     Difficulty: Moderate     Shape: Symmetrical

EBT Average: 198.04  Professional Average: 224.78  High Series: 793 Brandon Hott  High Game: 290 Brandon Hott

EBT MILY WAY 40' (Load Sheet) 27.50mL


Ratio:  3.93 to 1     Score Potential: High     Difficulty: Moderately Easy     Shape: Asymmetrical

EBT Average: 194.82     Professional Average: 221.26     High Series: 750 Joe Brannon     High Game: 279 Mike Fontenot

EBT MARS 41' (Load Sheet) 26.75mL


Ratio:  3.75 to 1     Score Potential: Medium     Difficulty: Moderate    Shape: Symmetrical

EBT Average: 198.11    Professional Average: 222.22    High Series: 682 Tyler Shingle    High Game: 279 Chris Polizzi

EBT GOLD DIGGER 42' (Load Sheet) 27.85mL


Ratio:  3.00 to 1     Score Potential: Low     Difficulty: Hard     Shape: Symmetrical

EBT Average: 189.31     Professional Average: 223.97    High Series: 756 Jason Mahr     High Game: 290 Colin Champion

EBT JUPITER 43' (Load Sheet) 26.40mL


Ratio:  2.38 to 1     Score Potential: Low to Medium     Difficulty: Hard     Shape: Asymmetrical

EBT Average: 181.33  Professional Average: 207.55   High Series: 718 Tony Biondi   High Game: 276 Allen Woodard

EBT ANDROMEDA 44' (Load Sheet) 26.60mL


Ratio:  3.70 to 1     Score Potential: Medium-High     Difficulty: Moderately Easy     Shape: Symmetrical

EBT Average: 218.155    Professional Average: 233.41     High Series: 816 Chris Polizzi     High Game: Multiple 300's (2)

EBT NEPTUNE 45' (Load Sheet) 28.70mL


Ratio:  1.67 to 1     Score Potential: Low     Difficulty: Hard     Shape: Symmetrical

EBT Average: 147.92  Professional Average: 199.97  High Series: 672 Chris Polizzi   High Game: 257 Michael Foncesa

EBT PAN HANDLER 46' (Load Sheet) 27.55mL


Ratio:  3.29 to 1     Score Potential: Medium-High     Difficulty: Moderate     Shape: Slightly Asymmetrical

EBT Average: 203.26     Professional Average: 226.49     High Series: 750 Chris Polizzi     High Game: 299 Brett Childress

PBA Patterns (used by EBT)

Dick Weber 39' Information Sheet     EBT Avg: 203.32   EBT High Series: 727   EBT High Game: 289

Carmen Salvino 40' Information Sheet     EBT Avg: 179.20   EBT High Series: 702  EBT High Game: 269

Mark Roth 46' Information Sheet     EBT Avg: 184.00   EBT High Series: 638   EBT High Game: 257

Kegel Patterns (used by EBT)

Sunset Strip 40' (Load Sheet)     EBT Avg: 196.28   EBT High Series: 683   EBT High Game: 277

Beaten Path 41' (Load Sheet)     EBT Avg: 194.26   EBT High Series: 614   EBT High Game: 258

*****Plastic Ball Challenge (House Condition)*****

EBT Average: 202.16     Professional Average: 224.93     High Series: 676 Chris Polizzi     High Game: 268 Anthony Caso