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The Elite Bowlers Tour has developed this page to update our bowlers with news and information in bowling that may or may not be directly about the EBT. Any information appearing on this page must be verified by the source and in most cases be authorized to appear here. As always, if you have questions about the information, please feel free to contact the webmaster, Gary Gordon at 813-838-6870 or the source of the information. Please note, this page is not used for advertising competitor tournaments other than USBC sanctioned events. Thank you.

Top Stories

  • EBT Rule Changes for the 2016-2017 Season 07/31/2016
    Information to Our Bowlers
    The Elite Bowlers Tour will be making changes to our official rules for the upcoming season.  These rules will affect COTY qualification and payout structures.  The EBT handbook will be updated with the new changes following the 2016 COTY event and an official email will be sent out.


  • EBT Planet Oil Patterns Have Been Released 06/26/2016
    Information to Our Bowlers
    The last of the EBT proprietary patterns have been released and are listed on the "Oil Patterns" tab.  The patterns include the 37' Mercury, 39' Venus, 41' Mars, 43' Jupiter, and the 45' Neptune.  Combined with the other 6 EBT patterns, the 11 EBT patterns are now available in 36', 37', 38', 39', 40', 41', 42', 43', 44', 45', and 46'.  Each pattern is distinctly different and they range from hard sport shorts to quasi house shots.  Bowlers are encouraged to take a look at the new patterns and see what each has to offer.  The new Planet Patterns will begin use in the 2016-17 season.

  • EBT Oil Patterns Conversion to Kegel Flex 07/19//2015
    Information to Our Bowlers
    Over the past several years, the Elite Bowlers Tour patterns have been written under the old rules of pattern design to make them compatible with older Kegel Kustodian oil machines. However, since the creation of Kegel Flex machines, oil patterns play truer and are more well-defined by the KOSI software programming. To accomodate this new technology, all six of the EBT oil patterns have been redesigned to meet the standards of the Flex machines and KOSI software. This should be important to our bowlers because the patterns will play somewhat differently than what they may be used to. So where we were able to get 3 loads of oil from 2L to 2R at 14ips for 5 feet, Kegel Flex machines dictate that same oil load entry to be 3.9 feet. While the mathematics behind this gets quite complicated, it means that all of our patterns will be shaped a little differently, but be truer to their original intent. Visit for more information regarding Kegel Flex machines.

  • New EBT Patterns Released 03/29/2015
    Information to Our Bowlers
    They're here!!! The newest of the Elite Bowlers Tour proprietary patterns are officially being used and their stats are being collected. The all new 40' Milky Way, 44' Andromeda, and the 36' Pegasus (not yet used) have been sent to the various centers are ready for use in future in tournaments. So far, the Andromeda pattern is showing to be a real gem because even though it is longer, like it's sister Pan Handler pattern, the scores seem to hold up longer and are considerably higher than the other patterns. While this is encouraging, there still has never been an honor score (300/800) shot on an EBT pattern anywhere in the world by any amateur or professional bowler, and our patterns go back seven years and have been used numerous times! As of this date, Brett Childress is the closest with a 299 on the Pan Handler.

  • EBT Power Rankings 06/08/2014
    Information to Our Bowlers
    The Elite Bowlers Tour, beginning in the 2014-2015 season, will officially use the power rankings to give away a free entry into the Champion of the Year! The highest ranking bowler in each division, who has not already earned an exemption into the COTY will get the free entry! This means a bowler does not have to be the ranking winner per se, just the highest one in the list without an exemption. For example, if the 7th ranked player is the highest one on the list without a free entry, they will win it. It is to be assumed the winner of the power ranking will normally already have earned an expemtion, but not always! In the result of ties, discounted entry fees will be shared. Look for more information next season and keep track of your just may be your free ticket into the COTY!