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The Elite Bowlers Tour has developed this page to update our bowlers with news and information in bowling that may or may not be directly about the EBT.  Any information appearing on this page must be verified by the source and in most cases be authorized to appear here.  As always, if you have questions about the information, please feel free to contact the webmaster, Gary Gordon at 813-838-6870 or the source of the information.  Please note, this page is not used for advertising competitor tournaments other than USBC sanctioned events. Thank you.

Top Stories

  • EBT Oil Patterns Conversion to Kegel Flex 07/19//2015
    For Information to Our Bowlers
    Over the past several years, the Elite Bowlers Tour patterns have been written under the old rules of pattern design to make them compatible with older Kegel Kustodian oil machines.  However, since the creation of Kegel Flex machines, oil patterns play truer and are more well-defined by the KOSI software programming.  To accomodate this new technology, all six of the EBT oil patterns have been redesigned to meet the standards of the Flex machines and KOSI software.  This should be important to our bowlers because the patterns will play somewhat differently than what they may be used to.  So where we were able to get 3 loads of oil from 2L to 2R at 14ips for 5 feet, Kegel Flex machines dictate that same oil load entry to be 3.9 feet.  While the mathematics behind this gets quite complicated, it means that all of our patterns will be shaped a little differently, but be truer to their original intent.  Visit for more information regarding Kegel Flex machines.


  • New EBT Patterns Released 03/29/2015
    For Information to Our Bowlers
    They're here!!!  The newest of the Elite Bowlers Tour proprietary patterns are officially being used and their stats are being collected.  The all new 40' Milky Way, 44' Andromeda, and the 36' Pegasus (not yet used) have been sent to the various centers are ready for use in future in tournaments.  So far, the Andromeda pattern is showing to be a real gem because even though it is longer, like it's sister Pan Handler pattern, the scores seem to hold up longer and are considerably higher than the other patterns.  While this is encouraging, there still has never been an honor score (300/800) shot on an EBT pattern anywhere in the world by any amateur or professional bowler, and our patterns go back seven years and have been used numerous times!  As of this date, Brett Childress is the closest with a 299 on the Pan Handler.


  • EBT Power Rankings 06/08/2014
    For Information to Our Bowlers
    The Elite Bowlers Tour, beginning in the 2014-2015 season, will officially use the power rankings to give away a free entry into the Champion of the Year!  The highest ranking bowler in each division, who has not already earned an exemption into the COTY will get the free entry!  This means a bowler does not have to be the ranking winner per se, just the highest one in the list without an exemption.  For example, if the 7th ranked player is the highest one on the list without a free entry, they will win it.  It is to be assumed the winner of the power ranking will normally already have earned an expemtion, but not always!  In the result of ties, discounted entry fees will be shared.  Look for more information next season and keep track of your just may be your free ticket into the COTY!
  • New Registration Requirements 02/03/2014
    For Information to Our Bowlers
    The Elite Bowlers Tour, beginning in April 2014, will require that ALL bowlers pre-register prior to the start of all tournaments in efforts to reduce lines and having tournaments start in a timely fashion.  For bowlers already registered with the EBT, the process is as simple as sending an e-mail to the inbox at indicating that the bowler wishes to bowl.  Brand new bowlers will still have to provide their full name and USBC numbers to properly register.  This new process will also allow the EBT to properly plan lane availability so that bowlers never again have be turned away from a tournament.  All future flyers and the website will have this information included to remind bowlers of the new process.  We thank everyone for their understanding and we are confident that once underway, this system will be seemless.
  • USBC Sport Memberships 09/30/2013
    For Information to Our Bowlers
    The Elite Bowlers Tour, beginning in the 2013-2014 season, will incorporate sport patterns into our regular pattern line-up.  Because we are USBC certified, the EBT will allow and even recommend that bowlers upgrade their Standard USBC membership to that of a USBC Sport Membership for $15.00/yr.  Sport memberhsips must be purchased prior to the start of a tournament and once purchased, it is good through July 31st of the following year.  Sport awards are very prestigious and regarded as the truest indicator of bowling ability and prowess.  Visit and click on the "Sport Bowling" tab for more information.  At our Regional Match-Play on 09/29/13, we had nearly 10 bowlers achieve a sport honor score but only 1 had purchased a sport upgrade.  This is something to keep in mind because one never knows when it's their chance!  On a final note, the EBT does not and cannot use the USBC Sport to Standard average conversion chart.  It is not practical since the EBT does not use typical house shots, everyone's average is adjusted to meet the EBT's more challenging lane conditions and scoring, and all averages are effected by the amount of prize money won and not the performance of the bowler.  While this has no bearing on USBC Sport Awards, it does help to know this in advance.  Please contact Gary Gordon for more information.

    The Elite Bowlers Tour presently has 21 registered USBC Sport Members!
  • EBT New Ranking Page 07/28/2013
    For Information to Our Bowlers
    The Elite Bowlers Tour has begun the creation of a ranking list that is under our "rankings" tab on this website.  This new and entertaining feature is designed to show who the top 20 bowlers would be in the Elite and Classic divisions as the year progresses forward.  While it is not intended to be a literal interpretation of bowling skill, it shows how the bowlers stack up based on cash earnings.  Check out this new feature on the website and check back often to see if your name becomes the number 1 ranked bowler in the EBT!

    The Elite Bowlers Tour presently has 438 total combined members of which 38% are active or frequent bowlers!


  • Brett Childress Etches Name Into History 03/03/2013
    Honor Score Notification

    Brett Childress

    The Elite Bowlers Tour has long prided itself on its three "User" patterns known formally as the 38' FreeLoader, 42' GoldDigger, and the 46' PanHandler.  These patterns have been used internationally and bowled on by professional bowlers tour members.  Since their inception 5 years ago, no person amateur or professional nationally or internationally has ever bowled an honor score on any of the patterns.  Thousands have tried but all have failed.  That all changed on Sunday, March 3, 2013.  Brett Childress bowled on the EBT PanHandler at Brandon Crossroads Bowl in Tampa, Florida and put together 11 strikes in a row coming just 1 pin shy of perfection with a 299 game.  According to the United States Bowling Congress, a 299 qualifies as an honor score and Brett is entitled to all benefits and awards as a result.  Even though Brett's score is just short of 300, he still has the distinct honor of being the first which can never be taken away no matter how many perfect games may be bowled in the future!  Brett's 299 erases the two year old record score of 279 held by Gary Gordon.  The Elite Bowlers Tour congratulates Brett Childress on his amazing accomplishment!

    Other high score achievements on EBT patterns are: Hayley Beavis & Don Vinson 279 on the GoldDigger, Gary Gordon 279 on the PanHandler, Antonio Brooks 269 on the FreeLoader. There has never been an 800 series on any of the patterns.
  • Changes to EBT Tournament Format 11/12/2012
    Rule and Registration Changes Proposal
    The Elite Bowlers Tour governing board and volunteer staff has completed an internal audit and review of procedures and tournament formats of all tournaments held in 2012.  What was uncovered is that the EBT is the only organization that uses a single game match play format for qualifying and this seems to have garnered favorable reviews from the bowlers.  Secondly, bowlers prefer more games per series because it allows for a bad game without having to completely lose the tournament.  Thirdly, the size of the entries per tournament has steadily increased to large numbers.  Based on these facts, the EBT board will be proposing for a vote to change all future EBT tournaments to a minimum of a 4 to 5 game sweeper or match play and limit the tournament to one large squad thereby deleting the need for bowlers to have stay all day at the tournament site.  Additionally, all bowlers will be required to at least pre-register to avoid the lengthy delay in start times of the tournaments.  These proposals are being worked out and the final draft of the rule change will be presented in early 2013.  These changes will mean that all future EBT tournaments will have an entry fee of $35.00 - $40.00.  This story is work in progress and more information will be available as soon as it is available.
  • Visionary Classic is here! 9/1/2012
    Visionary Classic ball video
    Our friends at Visionary Bowling Products have once again produced a high quality bowling ball with the all new Visionary Classic.  This ball was produced for the TCBA, the nation's largest bowling league, but is available for a limited time for Elite Bowlers Tour members.  We've placed this video link on our website featuring Hal Kee throwing this marvelous creation for your enjoyment!  Contact Hal today to order yours before they are all gone.....
    Visionary Classic Video


  • Bowling Oil Pattern Testers Needed 7/10/12
    EBT PanHandler 46' Pattern Instructional Video
    In order to produce a balanced instructional video for the EBT PanHandler, any EBT Bowler with a relatively high degree of skill is requested to let us know if you are interested.  You will be filmed and you'll be asked for how you played the pattern.  Left handed bowlers are especially needed!  The video will be posted to YouTube and can be accessed by anyone with internet access.  Keep that in mind with respect to your privacy.  The expected time frame to film the video will be in September 2012 well in advance of the Pan Handler Open Championship in December.


  • Visionary Mixed Breed Pearl Tops Ball Sales 7/1/2012
    EBT & Visionary Mixed Breed
    Through the tireless efforts of Hal Kee and Visionary Bowling Products(VBP), the Mixed Breed Pearl has taken over the Tampa Bay Area in total ball sales.  Hal Kee, Chief Executive Officer of the Elite Bowlers Tour related that the Mixed Breed Pearl is literally flying off the shelves at such a rate that Visionary Bowling located in Jennings, Missouri can barely keep up.  This is a good problem to have as a ball manufacturer.  The sales are also enhanced by the relationship between the EBT and VBP and the great deals offered to EBT bowlers.  In the match play tournament on July 1 in Tampa, of the 60 entries into the tournament, 18 bowlers were seen throwing a Visionary Mixed Breed Pearl.  This is further supported by the fact that since Visionary and EBT have joined forces, of the 14 champions crowned since that time, 5 won their title throwing the Mixed Breed Pearl!  Let's keep the people at Visionary busy by buying more Visionary bowling balls.  If you are interested, contact Hal Kee to place your order today!


  • Visionary Mixed Breed Pearl Is Here!  02/28/2012
    Mixed Breed Pearl Video

    Click the following video to watch this awesome ball in action featuring local bowlers Hal Kee and Rich Bavilacqua:
    Mixed Breed Pearl Video

    Click the following video to watch additional Mixed Breed video featuring local bowler Austin Clos:


Press Releases

  • Changes to registration and tournament formats are being proposed by the EBT board