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EBT Coaching

The Elite Bowlers Tour coaching services are under the direction of Hal Kee. This page includes tips and advice to improve your game or get you over a bowling hurdle. This page includes videos, articles, and references to articles to achieve that purpose. Check back often as the information is being updated routinely. As always, good luck and good bowling.

The EBT strongly recommends that bowlers read articles published in Bowling This Month to provide additional information. Bowlers should try to find bowling articles written by John Jowdy especially regarding lane play and hand positions. All information posted on this page is verifiable in several outside sources and the source will be cited when applicable.

EBT Instructional Videos

How To Play the EBT Gold Digger 42' Pattern

How To Play the EBT Free Loader 38' Pattern

Bowling This Month!

Bowling This Month (website)

Hall of Fame Coach John Jowdy's Articles

John Jowdy Articles Courtesy of Bowling This Month!

How To Read Oil Pattern Sheets

USBC Bowling Academy Explains How To Read Oil Pattern Sheets

Why Do We Leave Stone 8 Pins (Right Handed)

Team Stat Pro Video Explains How the Stone 8 Pin is Left

10 Pin Leaves vs. "Perfect" Strike

Sport of Bowling with Kelly Kulick Demonstrates the 10 Pin Leave