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Champion Profiles

Thomas Bosquez Jr.

Thomas Bosquez, Jr. (Hudson, FL) 2017 Champion of the Year - Elite Division

#1 ranked, Thomas Bosquez wins it all!  The Hudson resident defeated everyone and everything bowling within 1 pin of the top seed in qualifying.  Then, from the second spot in the step ladder, Bosquez held off competition from Tony Biondi and was able to best Colin Champion in a Facebook live televised final match with a score of 210 to 181.  Thomas Bosquez bowled 1144 in qualifying over 5 games and had the EBT Gold Digger locked all day.  This is Thomas' 4th Elite Bowlers Tour victory and he is already exempt into next year's COTY!  Now, Thomas is the man to beat for next year!  Congratulations!

Brandi Pena

Brandi Pena (Brandon, FL) 2017 Champion of the Year - Classic Division

#1 ranked Brandi Pena is baaaaaack!  The longtime EBT member takes home title #3 in the most dramatic winning a COTY!!!  She qualified into the stepladder from the number three position with a score of 965.  Brandi then faced strong competition from bowlers Wayne Deeson, Frank Bull, and Brandon Hott, but held them all at bay, defeating each in a nail biter to move up the ladder.  For her win, she locked in her seat to the 2018 COTY and she is the woman to beat for next year!!!!  Congratulations to Brandi and her outstanding bowling.

Elite Bowlers Tour Past Champions

*****9 Time Champions (1)*****

Chris Polizzi (2015 & 2016 COTY Champion)


8 Time Champions (1)

Brett Childress


7 Time Champions (0)


6 Time Champions (0)


5 Time Champions (2)

Antonio Brooks, Jason Mahr


4 Time Champions (3)

Thomas Bosquez, Jr. (2017 COTY Champion), Jarrod McComas (2010 & 2011 COTY Champion), Catherine Sargent (2013 COTY Champion)


3 Time Champions (3)

Joey Mondeau, Jr., Brandi Pena (2017 COTY Champion), Doug Ribelin


2 Time Champions (29)

Troy Abe (2012 COTY Champion), Daryl Bonds, Joe Brannon, Russ Calabrese, Anthony Caso, Alison Cassel, Jean Cheshier, Wayne Dalton, Alexis Dombrowski, Tri Duong, James Gibbs (2013 COTY Champion), Hugh Hall, Joseph Heinke, Larry Hofacker, Kevin Hoeppner (2011 COTY Champion), Hal Kee, Armanda Kelly, Scot Leighly, Ken McMaster, Cory Misura, Dustin Ochoa, Sean Riccardi, Arthur Rosian, Khaleel Thomas, Matthew Thomaskovich, Randy Whitehead, Walter Ray Williams, Jr. (2014 COTY Champion), Danny Wynn, Jason Zook

Champions (62)

Daniel Aponte, Jonathan Appleton, James Babson, Rich Bavilacqua, Michael Beal, Hayley Beavis, John Bell, James Brady, Cynthia Brice (2015 COTY Champion), Matt Burthay, Braulio Castillo, Jim Cheshier,Brenton Christy, Ken Combs (2014 COTY Champion), Don Daugherty, Wilfredo Figueroa, Dale Franklin, Gary Gordon, Jake Hallwas, Richard Hazelmyer, Jeffrey Heath, Dan Holdridge, Brandon Hott, Brian Huther, Steve Imhoff (2016 COTY Champion), Seth Jorden, Jason Keith, Adam Kilpatrick, Shawn Knowles, John Martin, Tracy McCoy, Wade McCullum, Teresa McGee, Earl McNeil, Ralph McNeil, Joshua Mitchell, Joey Mondeau, Sr., Matthew Montgomery, Frank Notar, Bill Noyes, Jason Orr, David O'Sullivan, Eric Otero, Jacob Paavilainen, Jeff Pennell, Vernon Peterson, Clarence Pinckney, Terrance Reeves, Lucy Sandelin, Austin Sargent, Tyler Selmont, Jeff Sherwood, Donna Shoen, Andrew Shultz, Brandon Sweeney, Dave Tessman, Lawrence Thomas, Pat Trudeau, Willie Vargas, Clarence Walker, Shay Weeks, Richard Wilt, Jordan Yancy

Championship Shirt Colors (Design may vary by season)

1st Championship Shirt:      Choice of either Blue  /  Purple  /  Orange  /  Pink

2nd Championship Shirt:     Green  

3rd Championship Shirt:      Yellow

4th Championship Shirt:      Gray

5th Championship Shirt:      Red

6th Championship Shirt:      White

7th Championship Shirt:      Black

800 Series Club

Barbara Martin - 824 series 02/07/2010, John Griffin - 811 Series 04/18/2010, Chris Polizzi - 816 Series 07/31/2016

300 Game Club

Eugene Ramsay 07/12/2009, Andrew Shultz 08/30/2009, Luis Padilla 01/17/2010, James McEachern 02/07/2010, Steve Ragan 04/10/2011, Chris Polizzi 07/31/2016