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Tournament Director

About the Elite Bowlers Tour, LLC

The Elite Bowlers Tour, commonly referred to as the EBT, began on February 6, 2009 and incorporated on August 22, 2011. The primary focus of the EBT was to provide bowlers an opportunity to compete in fun and challenging tournaments at a low cost. As the EBT grew, so did the goal of its governing board. Now the EBT's focus is to help grow the sport of bowling by providing different levels of competition for all bowlers while maintaining a low cost of entry.

Mission Statement:

The Elite Bowlers Tour shall help grow the sport of bowling by providing fun and competitive tournaments at the lowest cost possible while striving to give the highest level of customer service to all who bowl with us!

Vision Statement:

To become the most successful and respected bowling tournament organization in the Tampa Bay, FL region.

Elite Bowlers Tour Motto:

For the honor and love of the sport of bowling!

General Information

  • The Elite Bowlers Tour is different from all other types of tournament providers in that it is incorporated as a limited liability company, but operates similar to a nonprofit organization. This allows the EBT to function with virtually no overhead. All of the EBT's operating budget comes from entry fees in the tournaments, donations, and fundraisers. Presently, the EBT retains about $5 - $6 in fees per entry. This allows us to purchase championship shirts, tournament software, and supplies.
  • The Elite Bowlers Tour is certified through the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and the governing board strives very hard to insure that all rules are followed and that all financial obligations are met for its bowlers.
  • The Elite Bowlers Tour generally bases its prize fund on the number of entries per tournament with the exception of The Champion Of The Year Tournament which has a guaranteed prize fund. The prizes and expenses are paid in the following order: 1) Lineage and Main Tournament Prize Fund, 2) Championship Shirts, and 3) Supplies. Any money left over is applied to the Champion Of The Year Tournament prize fund! Regional, National, and Subcontracted tournaments are structured slightly differently and questions should be referred to the tournament director.

Elite Bowlers Tour Logo

Pictured above is the registered service mark of the Elite Bowlers Tour. But did you know that the EBT service mark is not just a random drawing? If you look closely, the official EBT service mark contains three small stars in the lower right corner of the bowling ball. Those stars represent the three founders of the EBT: Hal Kee, Gary Gordon, and Roger Shaw. The service mark contains the three colors of the EBT which are red, white, and blue. Those colors were chosen because the founders of the Elite Bowlers Tour have military and law enforcement experience and those colors are generally considered patriotic. The three swooshes represent "quickly moving forward."

Here's an interesting question. Can you guess what the four pins represent?

Absolutely nothing! They are just four pins placed into the picture to give the bowling ball purpose and to make it easier for people understand what the logo actually represents. After all, many people associate the letters "EBT" with an Electronic Benefits Transfer card. It's okay, we've heard that joke before. Now let's bowl!